747-10 Zero Air Generator

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The 747-10 Ultra High Purity Zero Air Generator (ZAG) is an industry leader for highly critical zero gas standards. Producing up to 10lpm at a 60psi output (using an external air source) the Aadco 747-10 stands alone due to its low cost, low maintenance cost, and robust engineering. Utilizing a two-step process for ensuring the output air is of utmost quality and consistency.

Process 1:

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) uses dual chambers and molecular sieve to dry and clean water and contaminants from the pressurized air (CO2 removal optional: 747-30-C1).

Process 2:

The dry/clean air then moves to a heated catalyzer bed (Methane Reactor) that removes CH4 and any remaining contaminants. This Methane Reactor is a captivated oven filled with a precious metal catalyst that will convert CH4 back into trace amounts of CO2 and moisture

Guaranteed Performance With 1 Year Warranty.

Increases Detector Performance:
With the reduction of Hydrocarbons and CH4 to <0.005 ppm the ZA Series of Instruments will decrease background noise levels and give baseline stability. This will dramatically increase detector sensitivity and ensure precise analytical data.

Streamline Lab Efficiency:

Equipping your lab with an uninterrupted supply of high quality zero air will eliminate any delays or loss of time due to switching out cylinders.

Cost Savings:

The 737-30 Instruments only require a power connection and a source of oil-free dry air. The initial investment will be recovered within 6 months to a year.

Safe and Easy Operation:

Built for safety and endurance the 747-30 is equipped with many failsafe components and built within a stylish enclosure. The 747-30 can be rack mounted or placed on a bench (rubber feet included) for installation in close proximity to your instruments.