We are the innovators of Zero Air Generators

About Us
Aadco has been in the lab gas generator business for over 40 years. We were the first to ever use PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) for the purpose of air purification.

Our machines are in use on every continent for a multitude of applications. Leaders in every industry depend on Aadco Instruments to deliver an unequaled quality and quantity of lab gas for their specific purposes. We manufacture the widest range of machines as far as gas volume is concerned. Our product line includes generators that produce between 1 LPM all the way up to 1500 LPM. Our 250 LPM Pure Air Generator is very popular with the automotive industry for emissions testing and is also widely used by many atmospheric study groups for the filling of large smog chambers.

Our standard Pure Air Generators are actually by definition Ultra High Purity Zero Air Generators. We utilize the largest PSA (pressure swing adsorption) columns in the industry to remove virtually all contaminants and CO before the air then enters our highly efficient heated catalytic chamber to rid the air of all remaining CO and CH4.

The Aadco Pure Air generators have been used in some of the worlds most critical applications from the space and defense programs to being used as an integral part of the standard by which ozone is measured.

If you ask any of our customers their thoughts on the Aadco machines you will most likely hear about the quality. Aadco Instruments are known for their enduring quality and workmanship. Our customers love the fact that after they install the machine it becomes a silent and dependable piece of equipment that requires little to no maintenance and continues to operate accordingly month after month and year after year. Some of our machines are still in active operation after over 20 years of service.

Since we have been in business (1972), no other competitors have been able to manufacture or compete with the robust nature of our Purification and Catalytic reactors. Aadco Instruments will continue to innovate and continue to produce machines of unparalleled quality.