CO2 Removing Air Cleaners

CO2 Free Air

Leading edge technology and hundreds of years of experience…nano-purification solutions, your world-class manufacturer of state-of-the-art compressed air and gas solutions to industry. Clean and dry compressed air is essential in every efficient and profitable manufacturing and process operation worldwide. nano's vast experience includes food, beverage, chemical, laboratory, medical and natural gas applications. nano understnds your needs and has created the nano range of high-performance, energy-saving compressed air purification products to provide clean and dry compressed air and gases at an affordable price with unrivaled reliability.


CO2 removal system

Why buy purge gas in a high pressure cylinder when you can generate your own, more easily, reliably and cost effectively using a CO2 adsorption dryer?

The nano L1 range of CO2 adsorption dryers are small, simple and can be wall mounted right in your laboratory. Connect them to your existing compressed air system to deliver a continuous supply of clean, dry and CO2 free purge gas without any of the hassle of traditional cylinders. Ideal for laboratory applications including FTIR purge, TOC purge, NMR, GC flame gas and laser purging, these systems eliminate the interruptions, recalibrations and safety concerns associated with high pressure oxygen and nitrogen cylinders.

Developed with the laboratory in mind, nano L1 dryers require no bench space and the innovative exhaust silencing system ensures incredibly quiet operation. Using proven pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, the units feature automatic regeneration and advanced purification cartridges with integral pre and post filtration providing totally clean, dry air with a CO2 level of less than 1 ppm.

It’s time to bring your purge gas supply into the 21st century. There is no better solution for your laboratory purge gas needs.


Mount on the floor or the wall
PLC controller with clear text display

Performance validated nano F1 filtration
Easy to remove and install replacement desiccant cartridges
Guaranteed performance
  • nano CO2 adsorption dryers provide the highest standard of performance
  • 100% function and performance tested at our factory
  • 1 year warranty

Increased efficiency
A constant supply of high air purity eliminates interruptionof analyses (to change cylinders) and reduces the amount of instrument re-calibration required

Lower running costs
Producing CO2 free air from an existing compressed air supply is significantly cheaper than using cylinder supplies

Simple installation
Novel exhaust air silencer significantly reduces noise levels
Easy to maintain
  • Less than 15 minutes required for maintenance
  • Unique factory built filtration and adsorption cartridge makes servicing simple