737 Series Zero Air Generators

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The 737 Series is our flagship brand that has continued to be the workhorse of the industry for over 30 years. The 737 Series of Ultra High Purity Zero Air Generators are capable of output volumes from 1 LPM up to 250 LPM. These are the industry standard machines that have been used by thousands of institutions across the globe. The 737 Series are also the machine of choice to be used for gas measurement standards.

zero air gas generatorsOur Benchtop Series of Zero Air Generators:
Model Capacity Output Pressure
737-1 0-1 LPM 0-30 PSIG
737-5 0-5 LPM 0-50 PSIG
737-10 0-10 LPM 0-50 PSIG
737-11 0-20 LPM 0-50 PSIG
737-12 0-30 LPM 0-50 PSIG
737-13 0-50 LPM 0-80 PSIG
737-14 0-100 LPM 0-80 PSIG
737-15 0-250 LPM 0-80 PSIG

All of our zero air gas generators contain a purification reactor, input and output pressure gauges, rotameter or digital flow display, output flow adjust valve. All components are sized to the output flow requirements of the particular instrument. All of these instruments function exactly alike, differing only in power requirements, component sizing, and cabinet dimensions.

Zero Air Generator Case Dimensions